About Xperon-Golf USA

Become the today's winner
with aligned and patented golf balls

A golf ball's external appearance is important but it's internal body is even more important.

The limitation of the golf ball manufacturing -process

-Its difficult to catch the vertical and horizontal center.
-If you check the section of a golf ball, you can find a notable difference.

The golf ball
can fool you
“Doubt the golf ball”

You made a tree shot with proper posture, but the golf ball went in the wrong direction. You made a correct stroke, but the ball was deviated a lot from the hole cup.

There is no slope in putting, but the golf ball kept on tilting on the left or right

Xperon's Vision
A company that lives upto it's value

Business Management

Future-oriented management system
Integrated Information System
Strengthening Partnership Bonds
Reasonable Business Support

Research & Development

Securing industrial property rights
Establishment of automate facility
Introduction / development of advanced technology


Realization of investor first
Technology-leading corporate image
Maximization of shareholder profit
Stable return on investment